Politics: Why I Hate It


Politics is probably the primary topic that I write about, and if not it at least finds its way into most of my writing. I’ve been politically minded since I was in my early teenage years. Whether I was right or wrong about certain things at the time isn’t really the point. It’s important for people to philosophize about how the world should work. Politics involves major decisions that affect everyone’s lives, and I feel like everyone should have an opinion of some sort.

All that being said, a lot of people do get really into politics, especially lately. Whether it’s the mainstream news you see on TV or the web, or the niche, conspiracy stuff. Some people just won’t budge from their positions standing on the right or the left. There are so many different ideas out there that they’re impossible to sift through sometimes. People are registering to vote and changing parties in record numbers as well, given the tenor of the current presidential race. How the world works has been on my mind for so long that I’m feeling my self burn out more and more as the show goes on. And that’s how I see our political system these days – as a reality show.

Politics has gone to hell.

The system is broken.

I wrote not too long ago about how both parties are seeming more and more like a joke. I’ve never really talked extensively about my personal affiliation, but most people who read my blog can probably figure some of it out for themselves. Now, I’ve come to a point where I feel like the system is just completely broken and beyond repair. Some people think our system is a democracy, others know it’s more like a republic. But, how officials get into power nowadays is far from popular demand. Not only that, but the people voting are doing it more increasingly for the wrong reasons. All people seem to want is entertainment anymore. Even when it comes to the leader of their country, they want someone laughable who can keep them surprised and amused at every turn. Politics as it’s becoming is just a group of out-of-touch people who systematically take up touchy causes just to get attention. In a world so big with the internet and anyone being able to create their own business, religion, or political group on social media we’re overwhelmed with so much useless and biased information. A lot of which has no place in government whatsoever.

So how does the bias normally work? Well, first and foremost, money can influence the law. So, it starts by most political action being watered down and made acceptable to corporations by lobbyists that muscle lawmakers. At the end of the day, how do we know the politicians ever have our best interest at heart when they’re constantly being bought off? The next layer of it relates to the media. Big media corporations are always being accused of bias, most likely because they’re biased to their owners’ affiliations. If the owner of a news company also has vested interest in other industries, like fossil fuels or weapons, chances are they aren’t going to oppose conflict in the middle east. At the end of the day companies want profit. That doesn’t necessarily make them all bad, but it’s something people need to remember. Then there’s news that isn’t mainstream. Be it full-blown conspiracy theory or independent journalists like myself, everyone has their own interests and biases.

So we’re ending up in a country where people are polarized. Even looking at the presidents over the past 20 years or so. After Bush Sr. we had two terms of Clinton, pretty much the opposite. Then two terms of Bush Jr. We’re now finishing up two terms of Obama. What’s next? Donald Trump? I wouldn’t be surprised, at this point. I’m not making any official prediction, but I’ve realized that no matter what happens, nothing is going to get much better. All the radicals always love to call Obama a socialist and Bush a Nazi and whatever else. All it really boils down to is the media taking middle-of-the-road policies and blowing them out of proportion in one political direction or another. A politician will voice that they disagree with someone on the other side of the aisle then soon enough there’ll be headlines, “Sen. John Doe SLAMS Opponent on Stupid Issue!” And then what? The sheep get in line and dance to the tune of Fox News or MSNBC or whatever YouTube channel is the flavor of the month. We’re getting to where one party wants total John Wayne toughness and no government interference in how many machine guns they can own and the other wants every human condition to be a special interest group where no one can speak their minds without being called controversial.

Aren’t we better than this? Or at least smarter? Shouldn’t people hold themselves and their leaders to higher standards? If I want to be amused I’ll watch a funny movie. If I want to be shocked and disturbed I’ll watch a gory horror movie. And as it is lately, if I want to be completely fed up and disgusted I’ll watch a debate. I don’t know about you, reader, but I’m done with buying into the sham that is modern politics.