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About MeWelcome to my official website. Here you will find details about my background, my interests, and some creative work that I've done over the years. The purpose of my site is to provide a bit more information about me than you'd likely find on my resume. On the menus you can also find links to my social media profiles, most of which are private. That said, if we know each other personally feel free to send me a friend request.

So far as my personal life goes I'd like to think that I'm fairly straightforward. I tend to gravitate toward the simple things and keeping it mellow. To unwind at the end of the day I normally end up listening to music and/or watching a movie or two. Music has been a big part of my life, and I'll get into that more below. So far as cinema goes I enjoy a handful of genres, but horror is my favorite. I subscribe to a lot of streaming services and try to take in as many movies as I can.

Some other things I enjoy are fine dining, cigars, and mixology. In another life I may have been a bartender and I have an affinity for bourbon and Scotch. I've been on different regimens of diet and exercise over the years and a few have stuck with me. Despite being a huge fan of food I tend to still be conscious of what I consume. I love being in nature and try to get in some time out on the fishing boat during the warm months. Though, the two interests of mine that have been the most formidable throughout my life are music and writing.


I became passionate about music at a young age. My father Mike has played the trumpet for nearly his entire life and he studied composition and arranging at Berklee College of Music in Boston. In his younger years he played in The Unites States Army Band and also in many other jazz and rhythm & blues ensembles. Growing up I mainly heard jazz, 1960s rock, and classical, all of which are still in my listening rotation today. I do enjoy other genres from time to time, as well as film scores and international music.

I started playing the piano at age five. By my teenage years I was taking private lessons and also studying composition. I then began writing music and later published two CDs featuring my original pieces and works by Beethoven and Brahms. During this time I also educated myself in orchestral conducting from Oxford and Cambridge materials. Despite my focuses having shifted in the past years I can still honestly say that being an orchestral conductor would be my dream profession. I've dabbled with other instruments over the years as well. I always enjoyed Klezmer clarinet and the violin, both of which proved to be difficult to pick up.


I started writing at a young age as well. I won a few modest awards in school writing competitions as a child and my focus was usually fiction. When I was in middle school I began writing for myself and mostly focused on politics and current events. I ended up with a reputation of having the ability to "rant" about any topic and make it entertaining. It all culminated in my personal blog which used to be far more expansive. I've since cut out topics like politics and social critiques, as they tend to stir up too much drama. Now I'll write a blog post now and then and I've been pecking at a novel for a few years. In terms of reading I've mostly read non-fiction, but my favorite books are The Island of Dr. Moreau, Eugene Onegin, and To Kill a Mockingbird.

So far as my novel goes, a lot of it is still up for revision. Most simply put, it's a period drama and love story. The characters' storylines all feature requited and unrequited love, war, and eventually tragedy. It may not sound surprising, but it all started out as an idea for an opera. However, I wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of writing a libretto and that much music, so it became a simple outline. Over the years the outline has been revised and a lot of details have been filled in. Now it's pretty much solid and the first draft is underway. If and when I ever publish it I'll go the route of an inexpensive e-book and see where that takes me.

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Records and How to Enjoy Them

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Accountability in Life

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Sleep: Are We Doing It Wrong?

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Likes Lists

Want to get a quick glimpse at what I'm into? Here are detailed lists of the music, movies, and TV shows that I like.


Here is a list of the music I like. I tend to go for classical, jazz, and oldies (mostly rock from the 50s, 60s, and 70s). We’ll start in that order by genre: Beethoven. Bach. Tchaikovsky. Shostakovich. Liszt. Chopin. Glenn Miller. Frank Sinatra. Lee Morgan. Herbie Hancock. Donald Byrd. The Beatles. Four Tops. The Doors. I’m also into some music from other cultures such as: Russian. […]


Here is a list of movies I like. It’s tough to pick one favorite, but I’ve tried to come up with a good few. My favorite genre would probably be horror. I also like anything suspenseful, war movies, cop dramas, and documentaries. Let’s start with the franchises: Hellraiser. A Nightmare on Elm Street. Friday the 13th. Halloween. Saw. James Bond. Star Wars. The Matrix. Evil […]

TV Shows

Here is a list of TV shows that I like. I’m more into the idea of a movie than a series, but over the years I’ve found a handful that I’ve come to enjoy. They include: The Sopranos. Real Time with Bill Maher. Billions. Mad Men. Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul. True Detective. Ray Donovan. Ash vs Evil Dead. Stranger Things. The Simpsons. Unsolved Mysteries. […]

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