Click Bait Sucks. Click Here to Find out Why!


I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m sick of this click bait nonsense. It’s hard to traverse the internets these days without finding click bait links everywhere. Whether it’s some opinion piece just trying to get likes or a local news story, it’s hard to avoid.

“The World Is Coming to an End! Click Here to Find out When!” “These 10 Household Products Will Kill Your Whole Family!” Sound familiar? Who takes the time to actually click this garbage? I think when this concept first came about I actually read one news article like it. It wasn’t a doomsday warning, just some stupid local news story. After that I immediately realized I had been had. From that point on I swore to never fall for it again. What’s the point of it? To try and entice people to visit a webpage through charged language in order to rake in ad revenues. It’s relatively easy to make extra cash online by advertising on your website.

Click bait sucks.

Click here!

“You’ll Never Guess What This Dumb Celebrity Said This Time!” “We Told Some Moron the Sky Is Blue: His Response Will Shock You!” Not to mention the annoying political crap. “Donald Trump Disproved Gravity in One Sentence Fragment!” Or top whatever lists. “Top 95 Ways to Kill Brain Cells.” “Top 1 Way to Be a Jagoff.” Going back to the news end of it, it’s a shame that this is how news companies have to interest people in what’s going on in the world these days. If it was raining fire from the sky are there actually rubes out there who wouldn’t believe it unless it was announced in an article titled something along the lines of, “20 Secrets the 1% Doesn’t Want You to Know About Armageddon!”?

My Point

Hey, there doesn’t always have to be one, right? Some things are just for fun. Not everything has to be a novel. But seriously, if you’re one of those click bait peddlers: cut it out. It’s sad that everything in society has to be sensationalized in order to get attention anymore. It’s all about being big and fast and loud. The details and fine print mean nothing to some people so long as the packaging is as tacky and eye-grabbing as possible.