Changing Political Parties – Why Now?


It seems like a lot of people are changing their political affiliations lately. Either they’re changing their party to vote in a different primary, or they’re just calling themselves something different. Either way, it leaves us questioning. What’s the cause for so much change? I’ve personally known people who have been liberal for many years yet now support Trump. On the other hand, people have been cutting GOP ties as well. I hate to admit, but Trump is the center of a lot of people’s attention. I’m not going to get into talking about him, though. I feel like he gets more than enough press as it is. What I’m interested in is all of the changing and its cause.

I’ve written before about how I feel the state of politics is beyond repair. I also feel that the party system is a farce. So what more do I need to say? Well, I think it says something about our dire circumstances when people are doing 180s. When a long-time liberal feels so misrepresented that they decide to support a conservative blowhard, things don’t seem quite right to me. But what would make them feel this way? What about the left is pushing people toward Trump? And what’s forcing some on the right to shysters like Hillary?

Changing Focus on Issues

Look at the types of issues the political parties have been concerning themselves with lately. Rather than debates being focused on real issues like the economy they’re focused on nonsense. More specifically, issues that should be of no concern to the government. Issues like gay marriage, abortion, and transgender bathrooms. Things that are the individual’s business alone and that don’t need any political involvement. Religion, as well as being the instigator of debates regarding the aforementioned, is a point of contention too. God on the money, God in school, God in the restroom. Again, none should be of concern to the government. Yet people feel the need to debate over them and vote for or against them.

Changing PartiesAll that being said, these Democrats and Republicans who are changing stances are getting fed up with the motives of their parties. I don’t identify as either one, but coming from a leftist background I can attest to this. I feel like everyone on the left is going too far off the spectrum. Everyone is a victim or a special interest. Bullying is now called shaming when it comes to everything. Everything negative in the world is being called racism, sexism, homophobia, Islamophobia, or whatever else. I’m not saying those things don’t exist and/or that they aren’t bad, I just think too many on the left like to cry wolf. When you blame every insult or crime on race, religion, or gender, pretty soon the real hate-motivated things will lose their meaning. We’ll be too busy trying to find things to label that way to see the true offenses.


People are also changing their minds about the GOP because of Trump. He’s seeming to go in a direction that some don’t want to follow. People on the left are sick of all the victim-playing and river-crying so they want a tough guy. They see Trump as being this cowboy warrior who doesn’t take nothin’ from nobody. Only problem is, he’s all talk and no real strategy. He goes to rallies and does improv, essentially. All he uses are adjectives and conjecture. Old-school Republicans don’t think the party of Lincoln should be represented that way. So, they like the “tamer” option: Hillary. Who, in fact, is no better. They’re both the most disliked candidates among their former opponents, yet people vote for them anyway. One is like your seemingly harmless grandma who just wants to please everyone. The other – your off-the-wall, crazy uncle who sits on the porch with a shotgun shouting at the neighborhood children.