Writing a Novel: My New Project


Departures from the usual subjects of my writing are refreshing from time to time. Despite primarily writing about political topics I do enjoy focusing on music, the arts, culture, and other fun things. In my youth I dabbled in fiction a time or two. I even won a couple of awards for some minor pieces back then. Since then I’ve veered away from creative writing. When I was younger my best friend and I also created characters and storylines for a pretty extensive sci-fi saga. In addition to that I’ve tried my hand a some poetry, none of which was very impressive. Though over the past few years I’ve been writing bits and pieces of one particular story.

The Story

Actually, I have mentioned this story on my blog before. I posted it years ago in the form of a synopsis. At the time my acceptance of the plot had plateaued and I felt comfortable solidifying it and letting some people read it. Since I’ve reviewed it again I’ve decided on some significant updates and have pulled it from this site. My original intent was for it to become the subject of an opera. However, the amount of work needed to accomplish that would be great. At this point I feel that turning it into a novel would be the best strategy.

The focus is on a couple living in French territory during the 1800s. The leading man plans to propose to his love, but he has planned a trip to visit his childhood friend who lives in Russia. He visits his friend often, but now intends to first share his plan to propose with him before going through with it. This friend of his is the closest thing to family he has aside from his soon-to-be fiancée, so his approval means a lot to the hero. More importantly, our main character intends to move away with his bride and her mother. In order to do this he needs to reclaim some money he left behind, having grown up in Russia. He’s used to being uprooted throughout his life so he’s always kept a stash hidden away in case he should decide to drop everything and relocate. He realizes now that he’s in love that he’ll never need or want to leave it behind.

Soon after our man’s arrival in Russia the French begin their invasion under Napoleon. The story then follows the turn of events for him and his friends back home.

Where I am right now

I’ve purposely made this iteration of the plot vague. There is a lot more detail already ironed out and waiting to be officially written. In addition to some extra plotting I’m working on some final historical research at this point. I’m close to beginning the first draft and am excited to get back to thinking more creatively. I’ve had a void in my life from not been as musically active as I was in past years. Writing my blog helps keep my mind active outside of my career and other endeavors, but current events can only satisfy so much. Venting my artistic energy again is exciting and I hope to see this project through to fruition. I plan to independently publish the book in paperback once it’s completed.

I’ll still be trying to keep my usual blogging up to date in the meantime as well. I don’t plan on sharing too much more about the novel on here until it’s finished. Nonetheless, stay tuned.

Writing a novel

Keeping it old school.