Viral America: Where Everything’s a Meme


Is it me, or has America as a whole gone viral? When something new and different reaches the public anymore there seem to be no moderate responses. These topics are met with total hatred or rabid obsession. Either way, social media erupts into a frenzy. Donald Trump and Pokémon GO are two examples that come to mind. Despite not being drooled over by the same groups of people, the two really hit the ground running. Now, when you look at social media or the news they’re all you see. I personally don’t care for either one of them. But more than that, I don’t like that something being “viral” is seen as such a good thing. To me a virus is bad. And that’s how a lot of people see some of this stuff: as being a virus.

Viral Culture

There’s no doubt that Americans are herd minded these days. Everyone wants to be up on the latest trends and memes (you know, those stupid pictures you see online everywhere that are unfunny and make no sense). I probably come off as if I’m trying to sound like an old man and complain about these “damn kids” these days, but there’s more to it than that.

Fashion has gone down the tubes. Music and media are following suit. Yet everyone froths at the mouth over the latest tacky outfits and celebrities. People have an innate need to fit in. When something goes viral it’s basically a bunch of monkey see, monkey do. A new game comes out and people go bananas. Before you know it, every outdoor area looks like it’s been overrun by phone-obsessed zombies. People getting in car accidents and getting hit while crossing the street. All because they need to catch Pokéman himself.

Viral Politics

ViralPolitics used to be something that people saw as unexciting. Not anymore. Now people snarl and gnash their teeth over it like nothing else. People like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, the two most likable candidates, are basically walking memes. Their appearances, their mannerisms, their tones of voice – all comical and unique. Not that every politician should be the same. But with so much “personality” on the debate stage people just pop the popcorn and kick their feet up. They enjoy the ride like the reality show farce that it is. Everyone’s talking about Trump, whether they hate him or love him. I mean hell, I’m talking about him right now!

Yeah, so what?

This is one of those posts that I think lacks specific direction. But, some times you just need to vent. I’m not going out of my way to sound different. I genuinely don’t see the appeal in playing life-consuming video games on my phone. I also don’t think the presidency should be a source of gut-busting amusement. Skinny jeans look like shit, whiny pop songs with auto-tune are not music, and Doritos are not part of a balanced breakfast. Turning everything into an online joke isn’t what I like to do with my time. I don’t care what things “be like”, and I don’t think it’s cool to advertise being “high AF”. I don’t need to see an inside joke about a poorly-animated cartoon every time some “noob” gets “pwned”.

Again, I’m not really calling for anything specific here. I just wish people could stop thinking about what’s cool, popular, amusing, and whatever else, and just think about what’s logical and makes sense. Maybe if people were more like Vulcans I wouldn’t rant so much. Or, more simply, I wish people could just chill out and enjoy the simple things in life without having to make a big deal out of it.