Election 2016 – Are You Fed up Yet?


I don’t think I’m alone when I say I’m sick to death of this election. Every presidential election monopolizes the news and media, but this one has gone overboard. I’m fed up with hearing about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton all of the time. We’ve come to a point where we’re faced with two losers, so far as I’m concerned. This election to many is about picking the lesser of two evils. But why are they both so hated? Why are there so many fanatics out there? Sure, every election has scandal and protest, but doesn’t this one seem extreme?

The Two-Party System

I’ve complained about this before. We seem to go from one party to the next when it comes to presidents. For the past 20-some years we’ve been going for two terms of each, back and forth. After two terms of Obama a lot of right-wing voters are foaming at the mouth. Just like the left after Bush. People become willing to go with the extreme opposite to make a change. The only problem is that a lot of things stay the same. Obama was a huge step for America, being the first black president. After two terms of “leftist” policy like Obamacare, marriage equality, and other special interests, some would vote for Mussolini to “balance” it out. During each presidency we always have issues like unemployment. If you take a headline generally bashing low jobs numbers and remove the date anyone could mistake it for one from years past.

I can’t bear to watch much more.

After 8 years of a Democrat in the White House a lot of Americans have become so extreme that they’d seriously vote for someone who has no political experience or tact whatsoever. People say that Trump is better off because he isn’t an “insider”. But think about it this way: the election is basically a big, drawn out job interview. Let’s say you apply for a job in a field in which you have no experience. This is the case with Trump. If I went to a hospital and asked if they’d give me a job as a heart surgeon they’d ask me what my experience is, right? I’d explain that I have no experience but that’s good because I can’t be “corrupt” like the other heart surgeons with all the bad habits they picked up over time. Do you think I’d get the job?

A Possible Solution

We end up in these extreme places when we subject ourselves to too much of one specific party. Two terms of a Democrat will always get the angry Republicans fired up and willing to vote for any “tough guy” with an “(R)” next to their name. So what if we reduced consecutive term limits to one and changed the election process to ensure the parties alternate each time? We’d still have elections, there’d still be primaries and debates. Only this way you’d get a ton of candidates from that year’s party. They’d all debate, they’d have primaries to weed some out, and people could still stand up and be counted. Some people would say that’s not democracy, but I’d tell them it’s no less democratic than our current system. If we’re so bent on keeping two parties let’s try it right. That way nutcases have less time to go nuts.

Think about it: the less time extremists have to sit and stew in their anger over the president the better, right? If we keep things changing every four years it could reduce the number and severity of political radicals. There wouldn’t be so many protests or rallies. With how politics and expressing sometimes controversial opinions has stormed social media it can be dangerous to give people too much time to get angry. We’ve become an ADHD nation anyway. Most average people can’t focus on the same thing for very long these days. Our culture is all about fast and loud and tough. So why not try making things easier on ourselves?