Autobio: My Background

“Who is John Kuvinka, anyway?”

So who am I, anyway? Most of us are lucky to know the answer to that question. I’ve never really claimed to be 100% sure, and I don’t think I ever will. Even if I did know exactly who I am and where I’ll end up, I think it’d be pretty blasé of me to just tell you all now. Just like any good friendship, which is what I like to build with my readers, it’s best to learn the fine details as one goes along; day by day. The basics, on the other hand, is something I think we should probably go over.

My name is, you guessed it, John Kuvinka. I was born in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where my childhood was nothing so out of the ordinary. I grew up in an average home doing somewhat average things around average people. From the start I was always a thinker, an observer, and an outsider. I first began writing in my early years, mainly focusing on minor fiction, and even won a couple of awards for it back in the day. As I got older I moved on to writing about philosophy and political science, by that time having begun understanding some of the bigger ideas out there.

I became passionate for music at a young age as well. My father Michael is a jazz trumpeter who studied composition at Berklee College of Music. I started playing the piano at age five and by my teenage years I was taking private lessons in composition and piano from classical instructors (one of whom studied with Vladimir Horowitz). I began composing classical piano works during my studies and a year later published two CDs of my own music and works by Beethoven and Brahms (these CDs now being, regrettably, retired from publication). During my classical studies I also educated myself in orchestral conducting, it being possibly the foremost focus of my musical passions, from materials I acquired from the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.

After my time focusing primarily on music and a short stint of giving private lessons I went on to major in social science. That reconnected me with my interest in writing and the human condition. My involvement in theology and metaphysical studies came about thereafter. I even ended up with a nifty honorary degree or two. That field of study brought me closer to the study of the human mind and its needs.

Since then I’ve found myself here or there, writing from time to time about one topic or another. Whatever is germane to the times generally interests me. Economics, politics, business, philosophy, sociology, music. I think no one should be without a multitude of opinions. We as humans have pretty wondrous mental abilities, and I think we should all utilize them. Self-education is something I hold dear. I don’t think today’s system is ergonomically designed to foster the type of creativity that many potentially have. I’m a supporter of change, progress, success, art, culture, and understanding. Perspective is the most important thing man can have. It’s what helps us understand our surroundings and make them better for ourselves and the ones we care about.

Aside from writing, in my personal time I enjoy fine dining, libations, cigars, obviously music, and just taking in some culture as often as I can. The little enjoyments in life are too often overlooked, so I try and indulge in those. I enjoy being in nature and I like warm climates. Spending time with loved ones is something I too hold as a top priority. Life is a short and fragile thing, so I think it should be enjoyed to the utmost.

So now that you know a little about me, here we are. This is where I’ll expound my ideas and opinions on things. Hopefully I’ll make you think, make you question, make you laugh, and, for some of you, make you feel like you aren’t alone.